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Are you Backing up??


Problem: Computers are machines, and machines fail!

According to The US company Square Trade, 1 out of every 3 Laptops fails in 3 years!


Answer: Make sure your data is backed up regularly!


How: Backing up is simple. To get started ask yourself a few questions.

A)     How much data do I have? Documents, Email .pst files, Photos, Music, Videos, etc.

B)      What data is already backed up by cloud services (sites such as Google Drive, Carbonite, etc.) ?

C)      What data is only on my hard drive that would be lost in a computer crash or hardware failure ?

(Usually data in folders under you C: Drive, data on your Desktop, or data not in your “My Documents” folders)

D)     What Now? Create a Plan and execute it frequently. (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)


Types of Back Up

A)     External Hard Drives

B)      Cloud Services


A few Helpful Links to help you determine what is the best route for you!


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-Top five external hard drives: Backup is like insurance


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Source: Square Trade (Link)

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